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My MUSE Has Returned ... and the BEat goes on ❤️🌈🔥🌈❤️ 12/26/21

BEautiful HarmonyAngel and yes it was time Your writing always touches me deeply not only my heart but to my core and 'The Sunshine After the Rain' also woke up my 'Muse' .. I was wondering when she would arise once again, I have been waiting as I see you do to ~ Ahh the writer within us is such a gift ~ I had to stop after reading your BEautiful message the third time and write ... I would like to share it with you dear Sistar and thank you for sharing with us~ And the Sacredness and the Beauty of another Sistar's share(thank you Fireswan) ~ We are all so blessed to travel this journey together ... thank you thank you all ❤️🌈🔥🌹🙏🌹🔥🌈❤️And I wrote... An Angel wrote this morning a BEautiful message entitled 'The Sunshine After the Rain'.. and it has triggered deep within me ... my BEautiful 'Muse" who seemed to wake Up and Smile ~~ The BEauty of the Sunshine after the Rain is deeply magical and brought me back to an experience I had two days ago while walking on the beach ~ it was cloudy in-between the rains and the wind was blowing ~ I had given my daily ceremony of love light gifts and prayers across the sacred waters ~ and the land ~ and I was thinking of the Sun when 'she' came to me BEyond the clouds for a long moment in time, as I gaze up at her in Joy and pulled her loving energy into and through me, expanding the beauty of her rainbow energy shafts of vibrating light activating every cellular galaxy ~ and into the heart of our Beloved Mother Earth ~ to light up her templates and the leylines and grids with Powerful benevolent light love and truth ~ it was so magnificent ~ my whole being lit up with Joy and I couldn't stop the deep giggles that bubbled up from the deep place within that is LOVE, JOY ... MAGIC ~ wondrous beauty ~~ and I was deeply humbled with the gift from Divine Mother ~ and yes my Sweet Sistar HarmonyAngel We Are The Sunshine After The Rain

A'HO FIRE ANGEL ❤️🌹🔥😇🌹❤️ ~~~ aka Kundi

❤️🔥❤️ May this BE the first of many more BEautiful moments in NOW for my Scribe to unfold ~~~ I love you all ...

❤️🌈🔥🌹🙏🌹🔥🌈❤️Thank you Source Creator Divine Mother❤️🌈🔥🌹🙏🌹🔥🌈❤️

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