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Is this Private Mentoring for Me?


We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience ~ Not a human being having a Spiritual experience!


Some believe that conscious evolution as a contemplative spiritual practice towards developing higher states of awareness in a heart-centered resonance field is a new worldview for healing, teaching leadership, and expanding consciousness for better health and wellness.

If your ancestors asked you “What were you doing ~ when the world was burning?” What would you tell them? Our world is changing at an alarming rate and too many people are acting as if it's business as usual. Some are asking what can I do? Who am I to make a difference?

I ask you ~ Who are you not to make a difference? We (every one of us) are a major piece of the puzzle ~ we all have a part to play, no matter how big or small ~ it all matters!


There are those of us that argue that the crisis stems from human self-centeredness and unconscious actions in one way or another. Reinforcing this faltering sense of self has led to this crisis of polluting our world, poisoning our water and air which directly affects our health and well-being. It is imperative that more of us as individuals 'complete our inner evolutionary journey into full wakefulness because at the root of this global crisis is an individual crisis of consciousness. Research has shown us that different levels of consciousness have everything to do with the individual's unique perception of the world for better or worse. It has been discovered that when a person raises their consciousness everything in their life gets better, especially their health and an inner knowing that everything will be okay.

Finding and deepening ones Spiritual practice, whatever that looks like or feels like to you, is essential for creating a more peaceful life filled with unconditional love and authenticity in this time of great change on our planet today.

So is private Spiritual Coaching enhanced through the Sacred lens of Nature's Wisdom for you?

As our world becomes more confusing and complex there is a need for new ways of viewing and exploring life. Research shows that spirituality by its very nature is increasingly relevant to emotional and mental health.

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