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Casting the Net of Light


The Teachings of the Great Council of the Grandmothers

Mankind's vision is obscured at this time and many live in fear. The Grandmother's teachings confirm woman from withing herself. Each Grandmother is unique in her power and being and yet all are as ONE in this purpose ~ to restore yin, the feminine energy, to full power so the world may once again come into balance.

Yin and Yang are out of balance. Yang has grown/ excessive. Increasingly wild and violent, yang energy cannot come back into balance without the intervention of yin.

All that is necessary for a woman to receive our empowerment is a sincere heart and the desire to receive what the Grandmothers have to give.

The Grandmother's teach us the purpose of life is to recognize who you are, to recognize the presence of the Divine everywhere and move below the surface of things, into the flow of knowing what all is.

When you move into the flow ~ this is the vibration of your being. Be that vibration. Raising your vibration creates a shift within you, creates a new perception of and reception to life. You will be different, you will be wise. Wise is very different from smart.

These teaching and so much more can be experienced with the Grandmothers. If you are called please join me in this journey. You can be yourself, and you will nourish everyone and do so much good by being yourself, more than you ever did or could do by being busy and doing, doing, doing. Learn how to 'be'.  A'HO.

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kundi net of light 18341861_192097977485
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