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BLESSINGS GALORE DEAREST HEARTS ~ Holding the Vision of our New Earth in BEauty, Harmony, Joy, Deep Heart LOVE Brilliant LIGHT, Peace, Compassion, Integrity, Divine Truth, Laughter, and LOVE LOVE LOVE ~ A'HO FIRE ANGEL❤️🌈🔥😇🌈❤️ Breathing Into It All ~ ~ ~ ~ 'Divine Mother is the Queen of inecxhaustible inspiration and boundless creativity. You know her words: 'Relax ~ Let Go ~ Trust ~ Surrender. All is well and always will be. To see thru the overwhelming plethora of your Mother's dream realities, just focus on the point in the middle, where her trumpets lf light and dark meet. The portal of infinity exist beyond the web of creativity. When you arrive in the true center of creation, you find One Truth. You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. When you relax, let go, trust and surrender, your Mother will deliver you back to One Source as a radiant Sun. That is when three become reunited as One. ~~~ DIVINE MOTHER❤️🌈🌍🌈❤️

Beginning today (8/8,) and for the next 4 days (August 8th-12th,) we will be moving through some of the most powerful energy days of the year.

This is the peak of the Lion's Gate which is marked by the heliacal rising of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. This means that during this time, Sirius will be visible above the eastern horizon just before sunrise.

Sirius is a star of legends, known for bestowing wealth, honor, passion, and creative fulfillment.

The next 4 days will serve as powerful energy conductors for the heart and awakened mind. This is the time to revise and get clear on what you'd like to create / manifest more of moving forward.

🌞Here is a simple process you can do, to help you utilize this time in an intentional and powerful way.

❤️🌈Step 1. Focus on the rhythm of your breathing for 1 minute.

❤️🌈Step 2. Place your right hand over your heart, and close your eyes.

❤️🌈Step 3. Express gratitude to your body for allowing you to be present in this way.

❤️🌈Step 4. Express gratitude to your mind for keeping you safe throughout all of these years, and still being open and willing enough to learn, grow and evolve.

❤️🌈Step 5. Express gratitude to your Spirit for all of the blessings in your life.

❤️🌈Step 6. Affirm to your Spirit and the Universe that you are now fully open and available to receive every new blessing, opportunity, and experience in accordance to your highest good with ease and grace.

❤️🌈Step 7. Visualize a waterfall of golden light from the highest skies wash over you, creating space in your mind, body and aura to receive ALL of life's most abundant blessings, opportunities and experiences.

❤️🌈Step 8. Open your eyes, give yourself a big hug, and continue on with your day.

🌞Make sure you are extra well hydrated these next few days, and are meditating, journaling, eating nourishing foods, and connecting with nature.


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