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Do this for the sake of the United States of America and for the world

“Lift up your hearts to us. We will fill them with light and keep them filled. Now is the time for you to step forward and let your beauty/power be revealed. Do not hold back. We ask you to do this for the sake of your own happiness, do it for the sake of the United States of America and for the world. Darkness and those who play in the dark are now attempting to snuff out the light on earth. “Stand steady and anchor light exactly where you are. Call on us or any form of the Divine that you love and ask the Net of Light that connects all life to pour through you and anchor itself to Mother Earth. Then wait until you feel and sense this taking place. Say “yes” to light. Provide a ‘home place’ for it. You are light’s Earth-anchor so be what you were born to be. Now is the time. “From this firmly anchored place your heart will call to others, awakening many to whom they really are. Know the truth of this and watch as it happens. Whenever you anchor like this, you automatically broadcast light, becoming a nexus point, part of the Fabric of Being of the Universe. You affirm your place in the Net of Light that is here to hold the earth steady during these most unsteady of times. Do it. “As you stand in power like this, call to the sacred sites on earth—Uluru, Shasta, Machu Picchu, Sedona, Chartres, the Black Hills and thousands more. Affirm your link with each of them, your link with all sacred beings and with your family of light, those living today and those no longer in physical form. This Family of Light is vast and stands ready to anchor light along with you. “We ask you to work like this each day for the next week. Blasting and broadcasting light in order to counteract the terrorists who are presently caught up in darkness and seeking destruction. Your steadiness, your radiance will call even some of these lost souls home to the light. We will stand with you as you do this work,” the Grandmothers said, “embrace and hold you. We love you so we will never leave you. You are our own. You cannot go beyond our reach. “Be an Earth-anchor of light, steady and brilliant as the stars above you.” ~ The Great Council of Grandmothers ~

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