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Conscious Evolution

Updated: Dec 4, 2021








This study of exploring the essence of the lived experience of acknowledging the innate calling of a conscious evolutionary leader has never been done before and has the potential to expand on the research on why a higher state of expanded consciousness matters for health and wellness, and on the phenomenon of callings within the psychological field that attend to vocational callings and multiple callings.

(Duffy & Sedlacek, 2007;Gockel, 2004; Helsin, 2005).

The key is to join consciously by acknowledging this innate calling in the process of creation in loving participation. Some believe that by joining other evolutionary souls in the evolutionary circle format and keeping the focus on the highest potential within this global resonance field of love that the experience can be another key for transforming oneself and our culture. Through this experience in connecting with our innate creativity, calling, higher self or self-actualization we become in essence the world evolving. (Hubbard, 2015).

Introduction: Many people believe a new set of possibilities for our generation will take focused awareness on our conscious choice to be our highest potential as human beings. The purpose of this study was to identify and explore the essence of meaning ascribed to the lived experience of acknowledging the innate calling of a conscious evolutionary leader through the evolutionary circle format in seeking a higher state of consciousness. Acknowledging one's innate calling or following one's inner guidance has been mostly in spiritual research, and there is still very little empirical research on the lived experience of this specific issue of acknowledging the innate calling of conscious evolution. I did my research on this topic because it resonates deeply in my heart that our world needs to raise our Consciousness not only for our beloved Planet 'GAIA' but for the survival of our species. As Abraham Maslow found that when people did not acknowledge or try to transcend their normal day-to-day reality, they have a tendency of becoming hopeless and apathetic which can lead to violence, depression, and illness, which is so prevalent in our world today. So the problem is that even now as humanity recognizes that we, as a species, are in grave danger of destroying and poisoning our life support systems of the waters, forests , air and land and each other, we still fail to change our ways to take some kind of remedial action or responsibility for our own health and the health of our environment. The majority still consume large resources that are dwindling by driving vehicles that consume large amounts of gas, we still throw waste into our oceans poisoning and killing dolphins, whales and other life because we don't want to inconvenience ourselves (Ruddel, 2015).

So basically these crisis stem from human self-centeredness and unconscious actions in one way or another. Decisions are being made according to the needs of a special interest groups or the needs of only a few. The research in my dissertation shows that different levels of consciousness have everything to do with the individual's unique perception of the world for better or worse. The research found that when a person follows a higher calling through focused attention of love, compassion, and what Maslow called self-actualization, they discovered a deep sense of peace and purpose. I discovered that when people raise their consciousness, everything in their life gets better, especially their health and an inner knowing that everything will be okay. There is a group of us, which is growing by leaps and bounds every moment, every day, that believe that our true potential and nature of consciousness has not been fully discovered and that there is a way to go for our inner evolution. We think that there is so much more meaning to ascribe to consciousness through developing higher states of awareness than just what happens mechanically in our brains. Consciousness has everything to do with all the filters that individuals use that make up each unique worldview that is shared through a person's emotions and beliefs. I have been practicing and a part of my evolutionary circle for the past 7 or so years and the power of connection, love and peace is amazing. The evolutionary circles come together with the focus on a shared purpose that acknowledges the value and gifts of all participants and actualizes the contributions for the betterment of society. The evolutionary circle model calls for action through the heart as love, which is unlike social action groups who do not take the time to cultivate a heart resonance and the harmony needed among them to sustain change in our changing world (Hubbard, 2015).

To be continued …

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