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"Clearing and Supporting the Mental, Physical, Emotional Levels❤️🌹🔥😇🌹❤️

"Clearing and Supporting the Mental, Physical, Emotional Levels

I desire to seize this grand opportunity of Ascension and activate my Divine DNA. I desire to experience Divinity, Purity and profound activations which raise my vibration and place me on the highest trajectory of my Ascension. I allow the power of the pure and true Christ I AM to guide me in this journey of Divine Crystalline DNA activation. I call forth all that is sacred as my primary reality and awareness. I call forth the power of the Cosmic Christ Light to dispel all discord that has ever registered on my physical, emotional, mental or lightbody levels. Beloved I AM Presence, I call forth the pillar of the Ascended Violet purifying healing flames. Blaze up, in, through and around me. Pass the purifying flames through me. Silence and consume all discord or fear that has ever registered in my beingness. Remove the cause, core, record, affect, and all memory of it now. Replace it with the Cosmic Light of Love, Purity and Divine Perfection, eternally sustained across all timelines and parallel realities. I call forth the Diamond Shining Cosmic Christ Light purification, love, mercy and forgiveness to flow through me and cleanse my physical vehicle, my emotional fields, my brain and thought patterns, and my light body from all discordant activity from first separation until now. Sustain this purification and balancing activity as I activate and reconnect my Divine Crystalline DNA. Almighty I AM Presence, overlight this process of Divine DNA activation. I call forth the overwriting and overriding of all lesser DNA structures to align with the Divine perfection that I AM. I claim this as my creation in this Now. I dedicate myself to this Divine transformation. May this pure heart intention transform all of my activities, thoughts, emotions, service work and creations to fully align with my Divine Embodiment of my pure Source-as-Self expression. Divine DNA, activate and re-bundle into sacred geometric proportions. Receive and anchor pure Divine Light and Ascension codes into every cell. Almighty I AM Presence, restore the patterns of perfection in my body with ease and grace. I ordain this under all graces and forces of the Infinite Pure Creator Source. I call this forth to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law, in Divine alignment with the Divine plan and blueprint for my pure and true organic Ascension. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You. So be it and so it is. " Sandra Walter.


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