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Dr. Kundi Hess

Teacher /Author/ Spiritual Mentor / Doctor in Psychology Health & Wellness 
In Service to Conscious Evolution and Humanities Purpose
I speak for the forest
I speak for the oceans
I speak for the light
For we are the thinking layer of Earth-Gaia
And it is time to claim the truth of who we are
  You are a magnificent being 
Let us take this journey of discovery together
And re-write our story for humanity
For our ancestors past and future

Choose Love...

"What if our religion was each other,
If our practice was our life,
If prayer, our words
What if our temple was the Earth
If forests were our church
If holy water - the rivers, lakes, and ocean
What if meditation was our relationships
If the teacher was life
If wisdom was self-knowledge
If love was the center of our being."

A Welcome from Dr. Kundi Hess

















What if our temple was the earth...











Dear Seeker,


I have been teaching for over 40 years in Health, Wellness, Spiritual Awareness, Academics and the Healing Arts; healing through nature empowers you with a knowing beyond the physical 


Nature's Sacred Wisdom Healing shifts consciousness creating inner peace and happiness


Learning who you are through the Sacred Spiritual Lens of Nature leads to understanding who you are and the key to understanding why you are HERE 


Nature Adventures is taught through the lens that all life is sacred.  Learn to walk through life as if everything and every moment is Sacred. 


For we are a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience


There is an intelligence that is interconnected through us and around us every moment.  This is scientifically proven in quantum physics.  A change to one particle affects another particle instantaneously a mile or more away

At the same time, we are in the midst of a huge shift that is taking place in our bodies at the cellular level, in our DNA, as well as in our societies and systems across the globe in an unprecedented way. We soberly must accept that our realities are being shaken on every level. This transformational process of earth healing and realigning will continue to affect us tangibly and radically during this decade, starting in 2020. When we step back to see the bigger picture it will help us to understand the positive opportunities created by the coronavirus pandemic. We now have an opportunity to recreate systems that no longer serve our true well-being. It is our view and understanding of the bigger picture that can help us successfully navigate through this monumental transition.

With love,

Ms. Kundi


Dr. Fredda Hess AKA Ms. Kundi

(831) 884-5488















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Choose Love...

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  Now is the time to know that all you do is sacred.
Now is the time to understand that all your ideas of right and wrong
were just child’s training wheels to be laid aside when
you finally live with veracity and love.
Now is the time for the world to know that every thought and action is sacred.
This the time for you to deeply compute the impossibility
that there is anything but grace.
Now is the season to know that everything you do Is sacred.
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Dr. Kundi Hess provides immense knowledge about nature’s sacred wisdom healing and conscious evolution in a loving, energetic way. I would highly recommend her for a Spiritual Coach. 

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I was blessed to meet and work with Kundi at a retreat in Kentucky at the beautiful Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. Kundi encouraged a union with nature that I have lost over my many years on this planet. With her guidance I rediscovered my love for being in natural surroundings, the feel of the grass on my feet and tree climbing. Thank you Kundi for guiding me home.

Tracy Knott-Whitaker, Teacher 


Co-creator of the Global Heart Team, Loving Journey Program, and Facilitative Healing Center

I recently spent a glorious 3 days in Kentucky at the Global Heart Rising Retreat where Kundi was facilitating the Nature's Sacred Wisdom portion of the retreat.

Hearing her speak about the wisdom of nature, her passion for the trees, plants and animal life that was all around us, got me thinking more about how much I take nature for granted. As a lonely child I had a favorite tree where I would climb into its branches and be comforted by its strength and support. 

As an adult I had rarely ever looked at a tree as anything other than something that grows out of the ground, has branches and leaves and in the fall, are absolutely glorious. But that's about as far as my noticing went. After spending two days with Kundi in nature I have a whole new appreciation for trees in particular, I look at them in a new way.  i talk to them when I walk by, I acknowledge their presence and wisdom by looking up into their branches. I see them as a sacred part of the planet, not just 'dumb' entities for us to take from them whatever we need.  How blind I have been to the wisdom and the beauty of nature's majesty ... the humble tree.  Now I see trees as old friends and not objects only for my amusement. Thank you Kundi for giving me back my childhood love of trees.

Colleen Perry MFT,

Laguna Beach, CA 

Heather Harris

Lexington, KY

I would never thought I could have connected with another human being as strongly on a first meeting as I did  with you. I felt love, acceptance, security, and peace.  Thank you dear Kundi...

HEADSHOT DONNA ROSE 58378305_11664233101

Donna Rose, 

Winnepeg, Manitoba Canada

I am in tears in the embrace of your gift of love and grace dear Kundi. The soul thrives in our oneness & connection. So thankful for you, and for Joseph F Rosado & Nina J Patrick and their vision and deep hearts of love bringing us all together... Divine Light & Love blessings to you!








Dr. Kundi

Pacific Grove, CA 93950


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