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GOD MOMENTS in the Rhythm of Life Dear Angels Here is a late night message from our families of Light that resonated deeply with me and thought I would share it with whoever is meant to see it too. I LOVE YOU ALL❤️🌹🔥😇🌹❤️


Vastness of Being: Practicing Presence

Posted on 06/29/2022 by EraOfLight

There’s a feeling in the air that I’ve noticed lately – a feeling that anything could happen at any moment that could change my life in the blink of an eye. I’ve also had moments when I feel my feet aren’t quite on the ground, everything feels expanded and almost like I might float away on the energy currents. This leads to a sense of unreality and a feeling that I’m a being who has never been in physicality before, looking out at the organic world I live in and fully realizing that my Consciousness is present in an organic body, part of the organic world around me. Tuning in to the Wisdom of Source, a presence that has come to me through the Vastness of Being, they deliver the following message. Stay as focused as you can in your present moment. Pay attention to your surroundings and what you are doing. It is as if you are moving through a narrow passageway and many distractions are pulling at you on a personal level and on a larger collective level. Many transformative events are evolving out of the trajectory of Humanity. Be as a witness to what is occurring and stay focused on what you are experiencing moment to moment. Events are unfolding that are shaking the foundation of the world – the civilization of this time. Do not despair – be a witness, for if you reach out with your mind and travel ahead of what is in your now moment, you may find delusional stories that will draw your attention and take you out of your present moment, churning you up inside and causing distraction, where minor missteps can turn into life changing choice points. Pay attention. Stay present, connect with the Light of Source within you (also known as your life force energy) and allow it to shine through you. The peace and calmness you radiate will be felt out in the world. And when you are not able to remain in peace, when you feel the pain and grief and rage over events in the world, allow the force of these feelings to run through you. Sound them out if possible, or put it into movement, this helps to process and move the emotional energy and has an effect on the larger collective consciousness. Allow the tears to flow, even if you don’t know why you are crying. It’s like flushing energy through the narrow channel that is your current life path. You are all organic beings on a physical, organic planet. Your soul consciousness lives inside an organism, and you look out at the world through this organism that is your body. Do you realize how truly miraculous that is? For so long, much of Humanity has lived without a knowing of this connection to life. Many people live their lives never fully realizing that they are alive – that they are alive within this ever-changing organism called planet Earth, on their own organic ever-changing life path. You are connected to all of life on Earth. You breathe the air, you drink the water, you consume the life, taking it into your body so that your organism continues to be. Many of the leaders of the world – politicians, religious leaders, business leaders, even some “new age” spiritual teachers – do not have this awareness, this connection to life, and the knowing that they are alive! Their heads, their minds guide them to get more and more stuff and power and they sell their souls in order to gain the illusion of wealth, security and power. But because they don’t realize they are alive, there is never enough for them. They are hungry ghosts ruling the world for their own gain, sometimes in the guise of being helpful to Humanity, but in reality, they are parasites. This is what is changing, so as they appear to restrict and control other’s beingness, or as they prey on other’s weakness, it will not hold, for the center is collapsing. This way of being can no longer be sustained on this planet, for the higher frequencies of the Divine Feminine energies are accelerating and expanding. This energy is circular, not linear. The people who are called the Native, Indigenous people of this planet have always known this. They have always seen life as a circle. It can be viewed as a comforting and powerful fire circle around which people gather and tell their stories, and live in co-creation, not competition. So as the center collapses, a great wobble is experienced – a wobble in the energy. You may be feeling at times like your feet aren’t really connecting to the ground, you may be aware of feeling an expansion in your head, and “reality” takes on an untethered spaciness as you go about your day. Witness, observe and stay present. Connecting with nature is essential to help you navigate these inner and outer changes. For you are truly – the organism that you occupy – is truly part of nature. So when you stand by a tree and see the sunlight glowing through the leaves, or when you gaze upon the water of a lake, river, ocean, you can breathe yourself with this experience that you are a part of – not apart from. This will help you to ground into the Earth that is your home. This will help you navigate the changing tides of the collective consciousness and this will help you connect to the rhythm of your heart as it finds harmony with the rhythm of Mother Earth. **Channel: Nancy Wallace Ward A'HO FIRE ANGEL❤️🌹🔥😇🌹❤️

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