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"STAND TALL" ~ ❤️🌈✨🙏✨🌈



“Stand Tall”

Emotions are running high like lotto balls spinning in a sphere of collective unconsciousness. Some people’s lives are falling down around their ankles. The polite pretense of civility is breaking down, and the transparency of your civilization doesn’t stand up to scrutiny anymore. You can choose to surrender your false identity either forcibly or freely, and your choices are becoming increasingly sensitive.

The veils between you and other dimensions of Consciousness are becoming thinner. Most people are scared and outraged that all this could happen. How come this is happening? The primal emotions of terror & rage lurk deep in humanity’s psyche, and now they are finding the light of day.

Storms send tsunamis over an ocean until they crash on distant shores. Their energy gains momentum as they break and then charge inland destroying everything in their path. Beneath the surface in depth of an ocean exists the silent stillness of the deep.

You ARE an Ocean, but you in the deep so nothing changes. You are eternal formlessness from which form emerges. With awareness you eschew pretty “light and love” pretenses, brazen myth of ascension. You are actors in each other’s play, and you are Creation beyond subject & object. You are Lover, Loving & Loved. As you watch the show you become increasingly aware of the inimitable wholeness of Being.

You have facing conjecture, people’s subjective spiritual “truths”, and the projections of positive thinking. You have transcended the follies of the past, the scourge of belief, and the safety of following.

You are saying farewell to the patriarchy and its “his-story”, the “stiff upper lip”, and the basic lack of decency. There is good news on the horizon, your denied & suppressed emotions are being triggered, and as they surface the potential of your deeply buried emotions are being released.

Soon, you will have the fundamental responsibility to be “all that you are”, the still point, the source of potential, the eye of storm around which everything turns. No one “makes you” feel anything, your e-motions are yours, the pure energy that you need to become whole. When you blame others for what you feel, it means you are projecting your emotions onto them,

What you resist persists because everything outside of you is just an aspect of you. It’s time to heal the virus of separation now since you are Consciousness masquerading as individuality. We are beacons during the storm, and now it’s time to stand tall for we ARE the presence of Love…

Elijah David

“Alchemy of the New Earth" A'HO FIRE ANGEL❤️🌹🔥😇🌹❤️

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